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An angelic voice, melody and lyrics have given her debut radio single wings. But it is was her personal journey of struggle and triumph that brought her to higher ground.

Our lives are the sum of our experiences and our beliefs and few excel at channeling them through their music as well as Christian singer-songwriter and pianist Shauni Williams. Her story is rich with family experiences, traveling from church to church in a van with her two older sisters, a younger brother, her parents, and a dog named Bounty as the Ron Greenlaw Family Gospel Music Ministry. Her story also contains its share of tragedy and loss. Through these experiences, Shauni continued to hone her vocals skills and songwriting, kept strong by her faith and love of music. In a surprise turn a few years ago, Shauni was given the opportunity to collaborate with talented producer and multi-instrumentalist Bruce Turgon. With Bruce's guidance, in conjunction with her own dedication and hard work, Shauni has garnered numerous music awards. Most recently, she's watched her debut single 'We Walk Together' climb the national and international charts, becoming her first Christian crossover radio hit. Reporter Brandon Scott recently caught up with Shauni to learn more about this extraordinary artist and her exciting plans for the future.

BRANDON: When did you first discover your love of music?
SHAUNI: My love of music began at the age of five, when attending a Christian concert. Soon after, my parents purchased an old, white upright piano. I began playing by ear and composing before my first piano lesson. After a year of lessons, my father began a family gospel singing group. For the next ten years, I performed with my family, singing, playing and writing music. At eight years old, my grandmother passed away at the end of one of our concerts. The Lord saw fit to give me the special gift of piano that allowed us to continue as a group for another eight years after that. That is how it all began!

BRANDON: Your song 'We Walk Together' has been a big hit on radio for its third straight month. What was your initial reaction when you first heard your song playing on radio?
SHAUNI: It is almost a surreal I will never forget. I couldn't help but be excited and think I wanted a lot more of that!

BRANDON: Was there a particular life experience that inspired you to write 'We Walk Together'? 
SHAUNI: Absolutely. Most of my songs come from personal experience, but ‘We Walk Together’ was very unique in that it came to me while walking on a river trail. I made the analogy of walking on the trail and walking with God through one of the most difficult times in my life: Divorce. There are lyrics in the song that say ‘I didn't think I could stand when truth of life came crashing in. But you held on more firmly still. Now I have hope Your Word will heal me.’ These lyrics were deeply felt when I wrote them.

BRANDON: Would you say that the mood of your other songs is in the same vein as 'We Walk Together'?
SHAUNI: ‘We Walk Together’ is somewhat unique because it is a Christian crossover...the lyrics are not overtly Christian and so the song can really transfer to a variety of settings. However, the inspirational mood is similar to my other musical works. Within my catalogue, one can hear a wide range of tempos, keys and messages- some more oriented to praise and worship and some storytelling- but all revealing a personal relationship with God to some degree, as it relates to the larger Gospel story.

BRANDON: How would you characterize yourself as a musician? (ex. Down-to-earth, serious, fun-loving...)
SHAUNI: Music is fun! Absolutely I would characterize myself as a fun-loving musician. There is nothing more exciting to me than the creation, production and performance of music. There is nothing I am more passionate about doing. It comes naturally and is simply a part of who I am. I have been accused of ‘showboating’ by a church or two (laugh) and have been told I play too many notes for certain settings, but really I am just expressing the music as I feel it. Still, I take it seriously too, because there is a whole business side to getting the music out there. I very much like many aspects to that side, as well. It is a good thing because we independent artists need to wear a lot of hats. The serious side of me strives to improve my vocals and performance with every release, so that takes some analysis, changing things up and lots of practice. But in music, practice is play for me and I am humbled every time I think about how blessed I am to be living this dream.

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Award Winning Christian Pop Singer, songwriter and pianist, Shauni Williams, has been creating music since the age of five.

Introducing Shauni Williams

Growing up in a touring gospel singing family, winning a national talent competition, and studying classical piano music has helped her become the rising artist that she is today.


Some of her influences include Michael W. Smith, Casting Crowns, Amy Grant, Chris Tomlin, and Whitney Houston. In the last few years, she has enjoyed co-writes with Grant Williams as Eleventh Hour Messengers and has been growing a solid fan base along the way.


18 Wheels & Heels February 2014

18 Wheels & Heels interviews Shauni Williams in their February 2014 Issue!  Get it now!

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Nominee - Hollywood Music In Media Awards

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Shauni Williams is the May 2013 Nominee for the Contemporary Christian category for her new Single "We Walk Together".

Winners will be announced at the Red Carpet 2013 Music Award event, held at The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood CA on November 21, 2013.

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CREATE! 2012 New Artist Audio

CREATE!  2012 New Artist Audio

Featuring Shauni Williams "Are You In"

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New Music Exclusive Artist: EHM

Contributor Two   Contributor Two
  New Music Exclusive Artist: EHM  
Contributor Two   Contributor Two
“Wake To Grace” - an Album by EHM Eleventhhourmessengers to inspire and spur your personal relationship with Jesus Christ! Its foundations were etched in years of learning and growing in a new understanding of what this really means.

From the quite country road of 2nd Avenue in a small town called Los Molinos, California, passersby could hear gospel music coming from a then tiny 8 year old girl, fingers racing across the keyboard in a whirlwind of power and grace, practicing for the next family concert! Shauni Williams, now married 23 years to lyricist, vocalist, theologian, and Ex-Analyst, Grant Williams, and mother of two adult children, Ryan and Erica, was the second to youngest of four kids and daughter of Ron and Shandra. Together, this six pack made an impact for God as The Ron Greenlaw Family Gospel music ministry in the 70‘s and 80‘s. Shauni recalls people looking at her hands after a concert, wondering how all that music came out. Shauni was too small to reach the pedals and keys at the same time, so her father made her a special platform and she wore high heels as an extension of her feet. She would brace herself with one leg wrapped around the bench so she wouldn’t fall off in her vigorous playing that left people praising and giving glory to God. Her piano style developed as an outcome of small hands that, at the time, could not reach an octave. So Shauni learned to compensate with broken cords and runs. It was not a life of luxury, as the family of six traveled from church to church, schools, and community venues, usually staying in host homes with just enough money to get to the next church.

In 1985, Shauni won a National Talent competition, playing a two minute excerpt of Grieg’s Concerto Ops.#16, as Miss California National Teen-Ager, in Atlanta Georgia. Shauni remembers raising thousands of dollars to participate and flying back for a week with $2 in her pocket. She was featured in Listen Magazine and sponsored by major corporations, including Bank of America. Soon after, as a victim of a violent crime, Shauni’s musical path and spiritual life went off course. However, God was faithful and brought her to a new understanding of Him in 2000 through a wonderful pastor, Lane Zachary. Grant and Shauni suffered set-backs from accidents and were seeking God in a way they had never done before, after working in Management careers with MPA degrees from California State University, Chico. Lane became instrumental in guiding Grant towards his calling in ministry, which Grant felt as a young boy, but coming from a non-believing family and troubled home life, had no support to pursue until he left home and went to a Nazarene college in Idaho. Together, Grant and Shauni participated in praise team worship leadership activities for over eight years at a Nazarene Church. Today, Grant is completing his ordination requirements as God leads him in an evangelistic path.

In 2008, Shauni began seeking God more than ever as her career as an HR Executive was set-back by yet another accident. Looking for a deeper purpose, Shauni was blessed by a Steven Curtis Chapman concert, and the rest is history. Grant and Shauni began writing songs together, not knowing exactly where it might lead. As they stepped forward, more doors kept opening and in 2010, the opportunity to record their original songs became reality.

2010 “Pre-Release EP” 
2010 “Wake To Grace” Album 
2010 “A Christmas Tune” - The Single

In 2011, EHM Eleventhhourmessengers was selected by Extreme Tour 2011 for "The Objective" artist development week out of thousands of applicants. They are featured on KBZZ Christian Radio, Christianfrontline Magazine, IMRadio, and New Artist Radio Network. I AM Entertainment (IAM) Magazine published a review of the the album "Wake To Grace" (July 19, 2011). Indie Ignite Conference is distributing "Mercy Again" as part of their Radio Single Compilation CD, which has been distributed to radio, record lables, and more!  Additionally,  Eleventh Hour Messengers will be featured in the New Music Exclusive CCM Indie Artist Newsletter for August 2011.
2010 marked in incredible first year for EHM with three releases: “Pre-Release EP”, “Wake To Grace” Album, and “A Christmas Tune” (The Single). Other 2010 highlights include Song Of The Year (Semi-Finalist), Nominee for Hollywood Music in Media Awards, and being featured on Itickets and Christian Frontline Magazine!

So what’s next for Grant and Shauni? As creators of EHM Eleventhhourmessengers they are looking to combine their callings of ministry and music, adding live performances and taking their music to the next level, while continuing to write and record. “I am really exciting about sharing our songs through live performances”, says Shauni.  Shauni also can’t stop taking about recording her next single, “You’re Not Forgotten”, a song inspired by the suffering in Japan and one with a universal message of comfort to anyone who has lost someone close to them or has questioned their own worth.

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